About us

“Menadzer stan” is part of the “Menadzer” Company LLC and operates in the real estate market in Republic of Serbia since 1992. Company is located in the Belgrade city center. Twenty-five-year old experience in real estate led us to setting high standards in acquisition and real estate lease.

Our work, knowledge and professionalism created awareness of our identity and values, and thus we became a recognizable brand. An important part of our business is preserving the trust of our clients and working on new recommendations.

Our Team will estimate the value of the property, advertise it on all available media, present your apartment, house, commercial property, garage, lot; negotiate in order to achieve the best conditions for preserving your interests, provide legal services and good contract.

We work with all leading banks in Republic of Serbia, as good cooperation with banks provides our clients' transactions financial security. We are assisting in collecting of documents needed for housing loans.
Trainings within our Company and our experience are creating dedicated, skillful, available and kind real estate agents.
“Menadzer” Company number is 524.

We're not telling fairy tales, we will help your dreams come true.